Second Appointment - Patient's Perspective

Parent’s Point of View 

Getting Invisalign

Getting the call that our Invisalign was here, felt like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to take care of my daughter’s needs and was looking forward to do something for me as well.  Scheduling the appointment was easy, it was within a few days and the time didn’t conflict too much with school and work schedules. 

When we checked in, we were greeted with smiles. After signing in, we walked into the common area where the entire staff was busy working with patients. There were multiple chairs for all patients coming in and out throughout the day. Everyone seemed to do their thing. Staff were attentive with patients and preparation, patients were either in their chair or at a sink station getting ready for their exam, and parents were sitting close to their child. The environment as warm, organized, and professional. 

There was barely a wait time from check in to the chair; an efficient process from start to finish. Dr. Kubo took care of my daughter first. The customized Invisalign she would be wearing for the next year were in her hands. Dr. Kubo walked through a few steps; how to take care of them, and to wear them at all times for maximum effectiveness. He reminded us to take them out only while eating otherwise the results will take longer.  

Right after we were given directions, I had a feeling; I was excited for my daughter. We had been wanting to do this for a long time but sometimes we go into option overload when life gets busy and there are too many choices. But with trust, a great first phone call and initial appointment, we made it there. It felt right for my daughter to be in that chair under Dr. Kubo’s expertise.  When you know you are doing the right thing; that is a great feeling.  

Dr. Kubo handed my daughter a mirror so she could see what was happening; and he gently positioned her Invisalign. I watched, as every doting mother does. And I was impressed with how her Invisalign appeared. I could not even tell she was wearing them. The fit was just right, and I could tell from her face, she was pleased.  

Then it was my turn.  When Dr. Kubo gently placed my Invisalign on my teeth my reaction was positive; it fit like a glove. I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did. I could barely feel them and the appearance of my smile was the same, not noticeable. It was as easy as that; from an electronic scan, to receiving customized Invisalign, to a more polished smile after a brief time span. All with Dr. Kubo’s expertise guiding us along.  

I would not want to do it any other way. Our smiles are too valuable; too many elements that we do not realize regarding bone structure, bite, etc. With so many variables with orthodontic care, there is comfort and security knowing we have chosen an educated professional who would monitor our progress and ensure all is well.  

There is value in the frequent face-to-face evaluations; there is value in having a medically trained doctor examine my child. The consistent consultations with Dr. Kubo are an important part of the process to ensure maximum results and troubleshoot any unexpected challenges.  

My parents always told me, “Trust the process, there are no shortcuts.” And in this case, as with most, my parents were right. This process is well worth the time and it is a worthwhile investment. 

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Teenagers Point of View 

My second appointment in and I already feel like a regular, just a normal patient coming in for their weekly check up with the orthodontist, Dr. Kubo. I walked in and my mom had me sign in. It felt like I’ve been here ten thousand times. I felt comfortable, like I knew this place. They called us back and I was welcomed with a familiar face. It was Dr. Kubo, and in my head, I was like I know him. It always makes me feel safer when I see a face I know. In this situation, that was it. I felt comfortable and safe.  

We walked into the big room and towards the chair. Dr. Kubo had me sit in the big seat and my mom in the side chair. I saw pictures of my friends on the wall, they all had braces or retainers too and that made me happy. Dr. Kubo thoroughly explained what was going to happen, he showed me my new Invisalign and answered any questions we had with certainty.  

I laid back in the chair almost like I knew the procedures. When he was about to put my Invisalign in my mouth, if I’m honest, I had no fear. I was just filled with excitement that I would get what most kids want, Invisalign or braces. It’s something I’ve always wanted and it was finally happening.  

To be honest, it felt very different from what I thought. I thought it was going to hurt more but didn’t. It just felt like a covering for my teeth. It just covered my teeth and didn’t feel weird. Dr. Kubo gave me a mirror so I could see, and it was cool. My smile didn’t even look different.  

When we were all finished, we walked to see the front desk ladies. They were so nice and they didn’t even notice that I had them in nor could they hear it in my voice. They said it doesn’t even look like you have them in. Of course, I thanked them for making me feel better about it.  

Even when I went to school, no one, not one person said, “Do you have retainers or something in your mouth?” I had to point it out to them for them to notice. Even though people couldn’t see it, I could feel it; but I liked it that no one could tell. 

After the first day of using them, I’m already in the habit of the whole process; taking them out, putting them back in, and cleaning them. And this whole thing is good for dentists too, and my teeth. It helps me brush my teeth even more than I usually do because I want to keep food from getting stuck in the retainers.  

Overall, my experience at Dr. Kubo’s was great and I can’t wait to go back for more appointments to see how this all goes.

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