Seventh Appointment – Patient’s Perspective

Parent’s Point of View 

Consistency. Commitment. People. 

It’s April 2020. At some point, we will look back at where we are and wonder how we adjusted to a life of quarantine. It has been an adjustment for everyone and we have had to adapt with immediacy and flexibility. 

What has been most admirable is how organizations and businesses have adjusted without missing a beat; and how people take care of others while going through this life changing circumstance.   

What we have experienced with Kubo Orthodontics has been a seamless, consistent, and reassuring process. Even through quarantine when we have had to abide by mandated social distancing guidelines, we have been continuing on, just differently. 

Although meeting face to face for our regularly scheduled appointment was not an option, this did not interfere with progress. There was a commitment to meet the needs of clients and maintain consistency for clients and staff. The landscape shifted, and there were immediate adjustments; but there was a reassuring calm throughout. 

Staff continued to offer professionalism through their communication. Appointments were put on hold until further notice, and questions were answered clearly and efficiently. Going above and beyond was the standard. There was a commitment to continue forward progress through our Invisalign experience. 

When it was time to receive our next set, as a city mandate, we were still in shelter in place status. Going in for our typical appointment was not an option. Instead, a curbside pick-up was offered. This was efficient and a relief as we did not want our progress to be stalled. 

Beyond the curbside pick-up, an option to have a personal consultation through Zoom was offered. The use of technology has been impressive through this process. From start to finish, technology has been an essential and effective element. This unique type of consultation demonstrated commitment and consistent focus to offer solutions to continue progress. 

Everyone has had to adjust. Adjustments can be challenging when it is different from what we normally expect. But through all of these changes, there has been a commitment to offering services in a different manner, consistency in professionalism, and a remarkable priority of taking care of one another during these uncertain times. This has become much more than straightening teeth; this quarantine has been a test of how we handle adversity.   

Essential has been a key word emphasized during quarantine. Sometimes we cannot measure how essential it is to take care of one another especially when we are in lock down. How we take care of one another shows who we are and what we stand for. 

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Teenager’s Point of View 

A person that loves their smile stands a little more confident; smile every once in a while, it might make someone’s day a little brighter. 

I hope you all are staying healthy. This whole quarantine is crazy. I have been staying healthy, washing my hands, and still praying for those in need. Since my last entry, things have been pretty normal considering it still feels like an early summer now with summer homework. 

I’ve gone to the beach a couple times and I still see people around, but I see masks and it just reminds me that we are still in a big situation and it’s no time to mess around. 

Anyway, my teeth are still getting straighter by the minute. My mom just went to go get another set of retainers and came back with amazing news. I only have one more after my next retainer change; which means only two more weeks and then I’m done changing retainers. 

It feels good to see the end of the road and I feel like I am proud of my teeth and the way they look; and I thank Dr. Kubo and his team for helping me get here. Thank you for making our smiles and everyone else’s smile prettier. 

We could all use a friendly smile at a time like this. Dr. Kubo and his team work hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their smile; and I think a person that loves their smile stands a little more confident. 

Dr. Kubo and his team help a lot more people then they think; not just with their smile physically but their smile mentally and that is something big. When someone likes their smile it helps a little with confidence, and that is a good thing especially when you’re a teenager. 

So a big, big thank you to all the people that work for Kubo Orthodontics and of course Dr. Kubo himself. 

Stay safe everyone; enjoy the times you have together, and smile every once in a while, it might make someone’s day a little brighter.

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