Eleventh Appointment – Patient’s Perspective

Parent’s Point of View 

Excellence will carry on 

Going into this appointment, I felt like I was close to the finish line. The appointment was to remove attachments. After the attachments were removed, I was relieved. It was a good feeling; smooth again. 

Once the attachments were off, Dr. Kubo made a mold of my bottom and top teeth. From the flavor of mint, to the texture of the mold, it was an interesting process. The mold was created for the final tray. The mold would be sent out and within the week, it would arrive.  

Dr. Kubo put the final tray on. It felt sturdier. The tray was similar to the other trays, but more solid. This would sustain and maintain the position of the smile and preserve all of the hard work. 

It was a great feeling to know that we had made it to this point. I was very pleased with the process and the outcome. 

Before I left the office, I asked one of the staff how long she had been in her position; 19 years. It showed. She was consistently professional, dedicated, and competent. She then looked at me and said with a smile, “They are great doctors.” I nodded with affirmation. She said, “It’s a special place here.” Yes it is. It has been for two generations and it will continue to be for every person who walks through the doors of Kubo Orthodontics. 

Believe in the value of legacy. Recognize people who are loyal to those who are good. Respect organizations who stand by a value system, which includes heart, competence and trust. Support those who have maintained everything we need in this world; awareness, kindness, and a heart for others. 

Through orthodontic care, the Kubo legacy makes an impact for each individual. A ripple effect will continue over time. A smile is everlasting. But beyond that, our children need to see and experience great people. When there is a model for how to act, and how to serve; our youth absorb every bit of it and will pay it forward. It is simply, humanity at its best. Model excellence; and excellence will carry on for generations to come. 

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Teenager’s Point of View 

Almost like a friend is my orthodontist ~ With every appointment it just gets more and more pleasant 

The next time I came for an appointment, the procedures were exactly the same. I came this time to get my molds for my final retainers. 

When I sat down, I swished my mouthwash and relaxed until Dr. Kubo got there. He always makes sure to ask how we are doing and get to know us even more than he already does. He really keeps in mind the patients and their life. 

It’s almost like a friend is my orthodontist. 

This also makes me less tense and more relaxed when he is working on my teeth. I trust him more because I know he cared about us and his other patients. 

For the mold, he got a plastic container the size of my mouth so it would fit my teeth. They had different types of tastes and they would fill it and stick it in my mouth. After a bit, they would take it out and my teeth would be molded into it. 

After the mold was made, Dr. Kubo told me that my retainers would be here, in less than a week. I was shocked at how soon it would be. 

He said that I would come back next time and get fitted for my retainer. The retainer would keep my smile just the way it is. 

With every appointment, it just gets more and more pleasant.

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