Final Appointment – Patient’s Perspective

Parent’s Point of View 

Loyalty over decades … In the right place with the right people. 

At what I thought would be my final appointment, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there would be follow up in 3 months. This demonstrated the level of care every patient receives. An ongoing process and monitoring is what you can expect. You are not left on your own to question if everything is okay, or wonder who to go to if there is a question or a problem. There is a live human being to answer your call, meet with you face to face, determine course of action, and offer professional guidance. 

This investment of time, energy, and finances have been worth it. The level of care, excellent. To top it off, Dr. Kubo stated if you should need anything over the next 5 years we are here for support. Not only did I have the final tray for maintenance, there was security knowing that if follow up was needed within the next 5 years, Kubo Orthodontics was a phone call away. 

So often as consumers, we are left high and dry to figure it out on our own. It is a rare occurrence to have someone stand by their quality of care and be available for every single patient long term; not just 5 weeks or 5 months...5 YEARS! 

In everything we do and in every decision we make, we discover something. Discovering the reason why there is consistency of staff and patients has been easy. It is simple, great people with good hearts. A caring and well-trained staff that has been consistently loyal to Kubo orthodontics is evidence that it is a special place. It is a breath of fresh air. There is a sense of community and family that is rare these days.  

It is not just the staff that has remained loyal over a long period. 

As I was sitting in the lobby, a mother randomly struck up a conversation with me. She told me how all of her children were patients. Then she told me she and her siblings were patients many decades ago when the office was in its original location. Different location, same high standards, same family environment. I could only wonder how many other families have been a part of the Kubo legacy of doctors.  

She continued to divulge stories of her memories and what a pleasant experience she had many moons ago; and she elaborated about how she wanted the same for her children. I understood and agreed whole-heartedly. It was as if her thoughts were mirroring mine. 

As parents, there is something universal we desire for our children; we want the very best for them.  And as mothers we agreed with confidence; we were in the right place with the right people. 

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Teenager’s Point of View 

Whole experience ~ Nothing but enjoyable and hope that yours is too ~ Forever grateful for my one and only orthodontist, Dr. Kubo. 

This would be my last appointment for a while. I was happy that all I had to do now was wear retainers, but I was a bit sad that this would be my last time coming to the orthodontist for a while. 

I feel like everyone there cares and it's like visiting family friends. We entered with the same precautions and came to the small room. 

Dr. Kubo came in, took my retainer and put it in to make sure it fit perfectly. 

It did, and we talked for a little bit and caught up and then we left. I couldn’t be happier with how my teeth and smile have turned out. 

The work was exceptional and I’ll be forever grateful for my one and only orthodontist, Dr. Kubo. 

In the end, my whole experience of this has been nothing but enjoyable and I hope to anyone reading this that yours is too.

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